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Women on the Rise

Woman on the Rise: Michelle Thompson


The sun is shining in NYC, but the winter chill will not let up. Luckily, we had the chance to thaw our bones on a quick trip to Miami, where we caught up with the uber-talented, super-hot Miami-native, Michelle Thomson. One of Southeast Florida’s top luxury real estate brokers and a self-proclaimed workout junkie, Michelle is pretty much unstoppable.


Rise City Swim: What keeps you busy Monday through Friday?
Michelle Thompson: Forget Monday through Friday... I’m on the job seven days a week! I have a real estate team with my sister, The Thomson Team. We’re the #1 selling team in Southeast Florida.


RCS: What have been your biggest challenges being in real estate?
MT: It’s been challenging getting respect in the community because of my age. I’m 23 now, and I got my real estate license when I was 18, while I was still in college. I think people tend to not take me seriously because they think I’m inexperienced. It’s forced me to be more innovative. I’m always coming up with new, better ways of doing things. In a way, I think my age is an advantage. My sister and I market our skills through social media which has been a game changer in an industry that is set its ways.


RCS: What do you do to keep so incredibly fit?
MT: I work out like crazy! I love Barry’s Bootcamp and Bikram yoga. My sister and I are currently training for a marathon so I’ve been running a lot.


RCS: What’s been your coolest experience?
MT: Being on the reality show “Amazing Race” with my sister was pretty awesome. I took a month off of work and had the opportunity to travel the world and see some pretty awesome things.



RCS: What do you do for fun?
MT: I’m really into scuba diving. I grew up doing it with my dad. It’s so peaceful under water, I find it very calming and relaxing. I love going out to a nice dinner with friends; we love Hakkasan in Miami!

What’s your favorite healthy snack?
MT: Questbar, cookie dough flavor.


RCS: Vice?
MT: Ice cream, also cookie dough flavor!


RCS: Latest splurge?
MT: I just bought myself a new BMW.


RCS: What’s your most cherished possession?
MT: A necklace from my grandmother. It’s been passed down many generations and as the youngest daughter, I would have expected her to give it to my mother or older sister. I was honored that she chose to give it to me.


RCS: What advice do you have for young women?
MT: Be confident in yourself. Accept your flaws and know your worth!


RCS: What’s next?
MT: I’m constantly working on building my business and my brand. Eventually, I want to start my own brokerage firm.

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