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Carli Roth

Posted on 09 November 2015

Carli has one of those personalities that immediately draws people in. It makes sense that she’s the life of the party; it’s not only what makes her so lovable, but it’s also her livelihood. Shortly after she moved to New York City, Carli and her best friend, Yvonne Najor, formed DBD Social, an event-planning company for young professionals. Of course, it took countless late nights and endless meetings to establish their database and build the brand, but soon the company was garnering significant attention.

In 2012, Host Committee acquired DBD Social, and Carli has remained a vital member of the team as the Co-Founder and Director of Partnerships. The company continues to expand, and has been featured by the likes of Bloomberg Business, The New York Post, and Wall Street Journal. Hampton’s Magazine also listed Carli as one of “The Most Powerful Women Out East.” 

Carli may be busier than ever – but it’s not all business and no pleasure for this South Africa-born beauty. She values, and prioritizes, working out and spending quality time with friends, and everyday she aims to be kind and authentic. And so of course, Carli is a #womanontherise.

Read on for our full Q&A.


Rise City Swim: What keeps you busy Monday through Friday?

Carli Roth: My work-life balance. I feel fortunate that my job entails a blend of business and pleasure. There is no clear division between the two, which is why I’m able to enjoy it so much! Meetings, drinks, dinners, workouts – it’s all part of the job. I’m constantly connecting and meeting people. 

RCS: What have been your biggest challenges in creating your brand and image?  

CR: It’s a process and something that takes time to evolve. What I wanted when I first moved to New York, and what I want now are two completely different things. Learning to adjust as I grow and being true to what makes me happy is the most important.

RCS: What’s your idea of a day well spent?  

CR: A productive one where, when I go to bed, I can reflect and know that everything I did was somehow moving the needle. But I can’t lie – I also love a lazy Sunday.

RCS: When do you feel your best?  

CR: I feel my best after a morning workout, and when I’m sitting at a dinner table surrounded by the people I love and who support me!  


Carli on Facing Challenges:


Learning to adjust as I grow and being true to what makes me happy is the most important.





RCS: What’s your proudest accomplishment?  

CR: A defining moment was when Host Committee acquired our first company, DBD Social, in 2012. It was an incredible feeling for Yvonne and me. We spent three years pushing through a male-dominated industry, built up a database, and created a business for young professionals to celebrate and party in New York. Our little office on Canal Street got upgraded to Flatiron. We had resources, a mentor, and bigger dreams. Even though the company is now making a large pivot into ticketing and group experiences, I couldn’t be more grateful for that experience, and how it’s led us to where we are now.

RCS: What advice do you have for other young women?

CR: Be kind… Everyone has their struggles that they are dealing with that you may be unaware of. Being nice, thoughtful, and empathetic goes far and it’s something people appreciate. Work well with others. Offer help before someone asks; don’t do it because you want something in return. Be authentic.

RCS: What’s next?

CR: A pivot with Host Committee is about to flip my work life upside down. I couldn’t be more excited with the direction we’re headed in and all the things I’m about to learn and experience. I would have never thought I’d be moving from the event industry into ticketing and group experiences, but I’m so drawn into learning the unknown. It’s a very exciting time.


Want Carli's look? She wears the Hazel top and bottom in onyx.

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