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Margeau Barnes

Posted on 26 October 2015


We love Margeau Barnes like she loves churros — so, a lot. This #WomanOnTheRise isn’t afraid to try new things, whether that means learning a foreign language or sampling street food, and her outgoing, yet laid-back, view on life is infectious.

Born and raised in suburban Michigan, Barnes moved to New York City after receiving her B.A. in Sociology and quickly joined the ranks of the city’s many bloggers when she founded Satisfeed, a food and restaurant blog, in January 2014.

But here is where she stands out — Satisfeed has become wildly successful, with over 12,500 Instagram followers and an expanding network of contributors in cities from Denver to D.C.

“Stay hungry, stay foolish,” may be Satisfeed’s mantra, but Barnes is certainly not the latter. So we couldn’t wait to sit down with her to hear more of her story, and also get some great shots of Barnes rocking Rise with confidence (and a blowup donut).

Read on for our full Q&A.


Rise City Swim: What’s your favorite thing about NYC?

Margeau Barnes: If I walk down the street in my hometown of Birmingham, I know exactly who everyone is and where they come from. Walking down the streets of NYC, I don’t know anything about anyone…but I can assume that they all come from different places and different backgrounds. There is something cool about not knowing, and there is always a unique story to be uncovered.


RCS: What has been your proudest accomplishment?

MB: I’m proudest of learning to read and write Arabic – and when I reached 10,000 Instagram followers on @satisfeed. 

RCS: What advice do you have for other young women?

MB: It’s important to remember that there are no rules in life. I know it sounds simple, but I don’t think anyone reminds themselves enough. I tend to spend so much time stressing about being consistent, but life isn’t always consistent or always changing -- it’s a little bit of both. What makes people different is how we decide to balance the two.

RCS: How do you relate to the mission at Rise City Swim? 

MB: To me, Rise is for the woman who knows the importance of balance. She works hard, but knows how to reward herself (for me, with food). She’s not afraid to speak up, but makes sure to do so without creating enemies. She is independent and follows her own passions, but doesn’t forget the place or people she came from. These are all things I strive to incorporate and balance in my everyday life, which is why I feel so close to the mission at Rise.

RCS: What was your RCS shoot experience like?

MB: It was the most fun I’ve had in a while -- playing around in a swimsuit with a blowup donut on the rooftop of my apartment, in beautiful weather. I also think it did a great job of capturing the essence of Satisfeed – like, yes people, it is possible to eat what you want and still feel confident in cheeky swimsuits.


Be sure to follow Satisfeed on Instagram for drool-worthy pics of Margeau's foodie adventures. And check out the blog, too.

Want Margeau's look? She wears the Aria in Indi.

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