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Jasmine Lobe

Posted on 08 June 2015

The prospect of meeting Jasmine Lobe may be a bit intimidating. The Manhattan-born actor, former model, and resident sex columnist for the New York Observer leads a glamorous lifestyle. Raised by artist parents (mother is painter Kathleen Gilje and father is sculptor Robert Lobe), she names Zac Posen as a childhood friend, and regularly attends exclusive events with celebrities and Manhattan's elite. In fact, the evening before our shoot, Lobe made an appearance at a gala celebrating the opening of the new Whitney Museum. 


But this Vassar-educated beauty is refreshingly laid-back; she cares much more about getting her daily doses of both meditation and hot chocolate than retaining a spot on the who's who list. With the SoHo skyline as the backdrop, Rise City Swim's shoot with Lobe was fun, playful, and certainly sexy. It of course didn't hurt that she look effortlessly stunning in the Kylie top and Cora bottom! Read on for our full Q&A with the blonde bombshell, who is the perfect example of a #womanontherise with beauty and brains.


Rise City Swim: What keeps you busy Monday through Friday?

Jasmine Lobe: Writing, auditioning, filming, creating, and envisioning.

RCS: What have been your biggest challenges in creating your brand and image?

JL: Impatience! Waiting for the material world to hurry up and catch up with all of my dreams...but the vision begins within you, so you just have to trust you're doing the right thing, like creating a brand that showcases your true self.


Jasmine on Her Proudest Accomplishment:

"It's an incredible feeling to have a voice."


RCS: What’s your idea of a day well spent?

JL: When I'm in the zone writing or acting and feeling inspired.

RCS: What’s your favorite thing about NYC?

JL: There are always so many new place to discover, and old places to relish.

RCS: When do you feel your best?

JL: When I have the eagle eye's perspective and feel a sweeping sense of gratitude and joy for just being.

RCS: What’s your proudest accomplishment?

JL: After years in Hollywood auditioning for roles like "blonde number three with push-up bra," it's an incredible feeling to have a voice. I'm very proud of my column, the J-Spot, in the New York Observer.

RCS: What advice do you have for other young women?

JL: Hold on to your vision -- the one you feel building in your heart. And I just saw this great quote today from a yoga teacher of mine in LA, Azita Nahai, "When shit happens don't lose your shit use it.  Turn it into fertilizer." That's not always easy, but good to keep in the back of your mind.

RCS: How do you relate to the mission at Rise City Swim?

JL: I think it's fantastic to celebrate women following their dreams. I also love the idea of celebrating both a woman's inner journey and mission, and converging that with her physical self-expression. So often there's a disconnect between the two: objectification versus intellect and heart. Why can't women be smart, creative, kind, powerful and feel beautiful and joyous in their bodies? 

Be sure to follow Jasmine on Instagram and read her J-Spot column in the New York Observer.

Want her look? Jasmine wears the Kylie top and Cora bottom in foam.



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