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Cyndi Ramirez

Posted on 04 May 2015


We are excited to introduce Cyndi Ramirez as Rise City Swim's first featured #womanontherise. The NYC-born-and-raised beauty is the brains behind Taste the Style, an urban-focused lifestyle blog with over 8,000 followers that is our go-to for all things food, fashion, and travel. Cyndi has also created DAILĒ, a skin-reviving moisturizer that just debuted in Urban Outfitters. We recently caught up with Cyndi in her West Village apartment to chat about the importance of entrepreneurship, her love of Netflix, and the fact that the only outfit sexier than her Rise City Aria one-piece is a comfy pair of pajamas. Read on for our full Q&A with the bombshell.


Rise City Swim: What keeps you busy Monday through Friday?

Cyndi Ramirez: Everything. Work in the office is from 10 am to 6 pm every day and it never ends there, as most people I'm sure can relate to.


RCS: What have been your biggest challenges in creating your brand and image? 

CR: Sticking to it. It's easy to get busy and forget to do something so you just put up sloppy work last minute. I'm strict about that not being the case, but every now and then you have a slip up. 

 "The Rise City mission speaks to our generation + the urban woman. That's everything I strive to be."


RCS: What is your favorite thing about NYC? 

CR: The food, hands down. There is no room for error in this city and that means our standards are high. High standard means good food, good drinks, good culture. NYC is the epitome of the crème de la crème and while I take it all for granted sometimes, it never lets me down. 



RCS: What are your Saturday nights like?

CR: They're spent taking it SUPER easy, but always involve a good meal and a stiff drink, usually heading somewhere new for dinner then somewhere familiar for drinks, like The Garret or Dullboy.

RCS: When do you feel your best? 

CR: After a bath, lathered in body lotion and in (boyfriend) Adam's t-shirt. Netflix is probably involved. Utmost comfort and baby-soft skin is pure heaven to me. 


RCS: What is your proudest accomplishment? 

CR: Not quitting entrepreneurship. It's not easy and there's always a shiny job possibility in the horizon -- it's really just there to tempt you. Confidence is key and knowing that there's always the bigger picture is something you have to keep at the forefront of your mind.


RCS: What advice do you have for other young women?

CR: Find a work "AA" sponsor. It's kind of like a mentor but this person is there to help you get through the hardships of entrepreneurship the same way an addict would need one. The addiction is akin to success, and entrepreneurship is the struggle. It's not always a lucrative path but it's an exciting one. Your mentor, AKA your sponsor, should be there to make sure you stay positive and realize it's not all about the growth or compensation or accolades. It's about happiness in the path taken to get there. 



RCS: How do you relate to the mission at Rise City? 

CR: It's very much on point with who I am. The Rise City mission speaks to our generation and the urban woman. That's everything I strive to be; that's the woman I want to be friends with, that's the woman that rules the world now and will continue to do so. It's a mission I can definitely get behind because it's who I am. 



RCS: What is it like shooting for Rise City? 

CR: I love my Aria one piece in black. I find it extremely hard to find a swimsuit that fits me...however, this piece fits like a glove. Between how comfortable (and sexy!) I feel in the suit and the photographer, the shoot is such a breeze.


RCS: What’s at the top of your bucket list?

CR: I tried Trapeze over at the piers a few years back and absolutely loved it. It's petrifying but I also want to try it again. I may or may not wuss out, but it's definitely on the bucket list. 


RCS: What are five things you could live without?

CR: A blow dryer, socks (I hate socks...unless it's cold, then I love socks), celery, ESPN, and stress -- if that’s a “thing.”

 Cyndi On Success:

"It's about happiness in the path taken to get there."


RCS: What are five things you could not live without?

CR: Five is impossible but here goes -- my dog, my other half + friends + family, my vintage hat that I found at the Brooklyn Flea, my recently purchased sunglasses, and Mexican food.


RCS: What do you have planned next?

CR: Without divulging too much, I'll just say A LOT. Bringing DAILE to new markets, taking Taste the Style to new heights, and continuing to grow with the Den Hospitality boys. (Cyndi’s boyfriend, Adam Fulton, is part of the hospitality group behind bars such as The Garret and Dullboy.)


Inspiring, right?! Be sure to follow Cyndi on Instagram and check out Taste the Style. Shop her RCS look here.

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